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Mechanical Systems Division (MSD/Code 540)

Welcome to the Mechanical Systems Division (MSD) of the Engineering and Technology Directorate (ETD) of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Please explore these pages to learn more about who we are, and why this is such an exciting and rewarding place to work!

Mechanical Systems Division team members pose for a group photo

Mechanical Systems Division team members pose for a group photo


Our teamwork, talent and technology transform visionary ideas into awe-inspiring discoveries.


The Mechanical Systems Division (MSD) provides end-to-end multi-disciplinary mechanical and thermal systems capabilities and technology development to:

  • Design
  • Analyze
  • Fabricate
  • Assemble
  • Integrate
  • Verify and Validate On Orbit
  • Support

… advanced scientific instruments and support platforms for ground-based, suborbital, and orbital science and exploration missions

Discipline engineering support includes materials, structural analysis, mechanical design, thermal, electromechanical, contamination/coatings, manufacturing, and environmental testing and integration for both in-house flight hardware development and oversight for out-of-house developed instruments and missions.


Our Work

Find out more about the current, future, and past missions that MSD personnel support.


See how the MSD is organized and the roles of the nine branches that make up the Division.


Explore life and work in the MSD and at GSFC through pictures and videos.


Division Management Team

Jim Loughlin Sharon Cooper Jimmy Marsh Alex Montonya

Jim Loughlin

Sharon Cooper
Associate Chief
Tina Montt de Garcia
Associate Chief
Alex Montoya
Assistant Chief for Operations
Vivek Dwivedi John Johnston

Vivek Dwivedi
Assistant Chief for Technology

John Johnston
Chief Engineer


Organization Chart

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Main Office: 301-286-7101