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Electro-Mechanical Systems Branch (Code 544)


The Electromechanical Systems Branch provides Electromechanical/optomechanical capabilities and technology development expertise to conceptualize, define, design, analyze, fabricate, integrate, and test world-class scientific instruments and spacecraft components in support of a variety of ground-based, suborbital, orbital, and interplanetary space and Earth science missions.


  • Product Development Lead (PDL)
  • Engineering: Discipline systems, electrical, mechanical, opto-mechanical, mechanism, and control systems
  • Analysis and design: Kinematics/dynamics, ball bearing, control system, FPGA, structural, optical distortion, magnetic circuit, sensor, actuator, CAD modeling
  • Precision mechanism, opto-mechanical, & instrument assembly, integration & test
  • Proposal development and review
  • Consultation: Design review support, troubleshooting and operations support


  • Mechanisms for all space environments, including cryogenic
  • Customized transducer design (motors and sensors)
  • Integrated driver and control electronics
  • Instrument structures
  • Optomechanical assemblies (optical mounts, optical benches, telescopes, laser and detector packaging)
Members of Code 544

Members of the Electromechanical Systems Branch pose at the 42nd Annual Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium .  The branch hosted the symposium in May of 2014, in Baltimore, MD.














Branch Management Team

Umesh Patel Patrick Jordan David Guzman Jason Niemeyer

Umesh Patel

Patrick Jordan
Associate Head

David Guzman
Associate Head
Jason Niemeyer
Associate Head


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