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Thermal Engineering Branch (Code 545)


The Thermal Engineering Branch is responsible for developing and applying technology to meet the thermal requirements of Goddard-managed spacecraft and space-borne scientific instruments. Some specific functions of the branch are listed below:

  • Develop and integrate thermal control systems for spacecraft and instruments; verify resulting designs through analysis and thermal vacuum testing. Provide thermal engineering support from concept through the design, integration, and test programs and flight operations.
  • Conduct vigorous research and development programs directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art in spacecraft thermal control technology; conduct laboratory and in-orbit test programs as required to demonstrate viability of these technologies in their intended applications.
  • Provide technical oversight, evaluation, consultation, and support to flight projects, instrument developers, design review teams, failure analysis teams, technical evaluation panels, and source evaluation boards.
  • Develop and assess thermal software packages. Develop software which fosters concurrent engineering practices.
Thermal Engineering Branch

The Thermal Engineering Branch supports NASA missions through thermal design, analysis, integration, testing and flight operations.


Branch Management Team

Vacant Daniel Nguyen Juan Rodriguez Vacant


Daniel Nguyen
Associate Head
Juan Rodriguez
Associate Head (Acting)
Associate Head


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