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NASA | Women@Goddard - Meet Wanda Peters  
Video Description:

Meet Wanda Peters, who works at as the Assistant Division Chief for the Mechanical systems Division


NASA | Goddard Summer Interns: Christine Redmond  
Video Description:

Christine Redmond is a third year intern at Goddard working in the Advanced Manufacturing Branch on the electrohydrodynamic pump.


Meet the GPM Team: Carlton Peters


Video Description:

It takes hundreds of designers, engineers and technicians to build the largest spacecraft ever assembled at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the GPM Core Observatory.   Carlton Peters, Associate Branch Head for the Thermal Engineering Branch was the thermal development lead for GPM.


NASA | GPM: Engineering Next Generation Observations of Rain and Snow
Video Description:

The Global Precipitation Mission core observatory was one of the larges spacecraft ever built and tested at NASA Goddard.  This video gives you a look at the integration and test program  for GPM.


NASA | 3 Days in 1 Minute: Stacking the MMS Spacecraft
Video Description:

The Magnetospheric Multiscale, or MMS, mission stacked all four of its spacecraft in preparation for vibration testing. This time lapse shows one image every thirty seconds over three days of work. First, the spacecraft are assembled into mini-stacks, or placed on top of each other in sets of two. To create a full stack, engineers lift one mini-stack on top of another.