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Electrical Engineering Division (EED/Code 560)

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering Division (EED) located within the Engineering and Technology Directorate (ETD) at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Maryland. Please explore these pages to learn more about who we are, what we do, and why this is such an exciting and rewarding place to work!


World leader in aerospace electrical engineering innovation to pioneer new scientific discoveries.


Develop world class space flight electrical systems to enable NASA's science, technology, and space exploration missions with industry, university, and other government agency partners.

Our Work

  • Design, build, and test innovative electrical systems for space exploration
  • Our electrical engineering expertise in the development of electrical and electronic systems for suborbital and space-based projects, pioneers design, analysis, integration and testing of flight data systems, space radiation, parts, power, instrument electronics, avionics, telecommunications networks, flight microwave and telecommunication systems as well as balloon experiments.
  • Find out more about the current, future, and past missions that EED personnel support.


See how the EED is organized and the roles of the nine branches that make up the Division.


Explore life and work in the EED and at GSFC through pictures and videos.


Division Management Team

Anthony Sanders Beverly Settles Marcellus Proctor Vacant

Anthony Sanders

Beverly Settles
Associate Chief
Marcellus Proctor
Associate Chief

Phuc Nguyen
Assistant Chief for Operations

Chris Green, Assistant Chief for Technology Dave Petrick, Chief Engineer    

Chris Green
Assistant Chief for Technology

Dave Petrick
Chief Engineer

Organization Chart

Contact Us
Main Office: 301-286-5118
Website: Forthcoming