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Flight Software Systems Branch (Code 582)

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The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) FSW Team at Integration and Test (I&T), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


The Flight Software Systems Branch provides on-board, embedded software products that enable spacecraft hardware, science instruments and flight components to operate as an integrated on-orbit science observatory. This includes flight software and associated high fidelity simulation test systems.

Branch personnel provide life-cycle flight software engineering that includes early mission formulations and designs, requirements analysis, development, verification and validation, and mission life-sustaining engineering. Flight software leadership strives for effective advancements in flight hardware and software architectures, operations ground/flight interfaces, onboard autonomy, onboard science data analysis and test-beds.

Flight software prototypes are implemented as proofs-of-concept for future missions. Formalized reuse of flight software products plus the utilization of standards and commercially available products reduce flight program complexities, risks, costs and schedule impacts.




Branch Management Team

Greg Yoblin Yvonne Lue Elizabeth Timmons Vacant

Greg Yoblin

Yvonne Lue
Associate Head
Elizabeth Timmons
Associate Head
Associate Head

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