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Mission Validation and Operations Branch (Code 584)


The Mission Validation and Operations Branch provides expertise in operations engineering, operations planning and systems validation to ensure optimal operability of information systems. In support of Earth Science and Space Science Missions, and Exploration and Technology focus areas, the Branch develops and analyzes operational concepts, requirements, plans, schedules and documentation for planning, conducting, and evaluating spacecraft operations.

Branch personnel plan, coordinate, and take responsibility for the end-to-end testing of mission systems. Pre-launch end-to-end simulations of launch and early orbit scenarios are developed, coordinated and tested by the Branch to ensure launch readiness of ground and flight systems.

Branch personnel direct each mission Flight Operations Team in preparation and training for launch, in-orbit checkout and daily mission operations. Branch personnel prepare and define budgets and schedules for operations functions. The Branch works closely with other Center personnel, other NASA Centers and contractor personnel, to assure compatibility of performance, interfaces, schedules and budgets.

Mission Directors oversee and direct the Flights Operations Teams and teams of engineers engagesd in operations and/or training.


Branch Management Team

Ed Hicks Steve Odendahl

Ed Hicks

Steve Odendahl
Associate Head


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