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Navigation & Mission Design Branch (Code 595)


The Navigation and Mission Design Branch is responsible for providing navigation and trajectory design expertise to flight projects and technology development efforts.  Flight project support responsibilities include orbit design studies for mission concept development; analysis of orbit determination and control requirements; development of ground systems for flight dynamics product generation; and on-orbit orbit determination and orbit control.  The branch provides many of its operations support services and products through its multi-mission Flight Dynamics Facility (FDF). 

New approaches and technologies for spacecraft navigation and orbit control are developed in the branch.  This includes analysis of autonomous systems for navigation (flight and ground systems), new trajectory optimization techniques, and advanced modeling of orbit errors.  The branch creates and maintains state-of-the-art analysis tools for mission design, orbit analysis, and navigation analysis.

Navigation and Mission Design Branch

Navigation and Mission Design Branch












Branch Management Team

Associate Head
Vacant Amanda Shelton Steven Hughes

Leigh Forbes
Acting Head

Amanda Shelton
Associate Head
Steven Hughes
Associate Head
Tiffany Hoerbelt Vacant  
Tiffany Hoerbelt
Associate Head (Acting)

Associate Head


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