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Components & Hardware Systems Branch (Code 596)


The Components and Hardware Systems Branch is responsible for the development of advanced GN&C component technologies that enable current and future GN&C systems. Specifically, it leads the development of new guidance, navigation and control system sensors, actuators, propulsive devices and their interfaces to support space vehicle and instrument design and development. These activities include conducting market surveys, making sensors and/or actuator build or buy recommendations, procuring or designing and building sensors and/or actuators along with providing their associated GSE. The Branch provides, maintains, and manages the component test facilities for both conventional and advanced components to validate their performance while also providing and maintaining an inventory of components. The Branch is chartered with conceiving, analyzing, designing, building, and testing GN&C unique electronics and hybrid dynamic simulators, and supporting integration, test, and validation of these.

The branch’s mission is to fulfill the needs of the scientific community and other customers by providing GN&C component and hardware systems engineering expertise: in conceptualizing and developing earth science, space science, and other missions and implementing technology endeavors that support those missions. This mission is enabled by an innovative and hardworking group of GN&C engineers, engineering technologists, and technicians. The GN&C engineers have expertise in product development leadership; sensor and actuator hardware and software technology development; attitude control systems procurement, oversight, and leadership;  and circuit board, embedded systems, and electronics packaging (mechanical and thermal systems) architecture, design, analysis, development, and integration.  Our GN&C engineering technologist have expertise in circuit board assembly, cable/harness, and electronics packaging drafting, assembly, inspection, rework, and testing. 

People and hardware testing in the Components & Hardware Systems Branch.

People and hardware testing in the Components & Hardware Systems Branch.













Branch Management Team

Chuck Claggett, Branch Head Bob Spagnuolo Ginger Robinson

Charles Kim

Chuck Claggett

Bob Spagnuolo
Associate Head
Ginger Robinson
Associate Head
Jason Badgley
Associate Head


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