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career paths

Career Path Diagram
  • For most, the current focus is discipline growth with an eye towards continued progress to higher level career tracks
  • There are a variety of career tracks, with the opportunity to "switch" along the way, and with senior promotion potential for all tracks
  • In ETD, 54% of our hands-on engineers are at senior grades and of the total number of senior people, 83% are non-supervisory

Career Paths

Engineering Career Path Tool

This is an interactive, web-based tool that visually depicts the common engineering career paths across all of our divisions. The site outlines three separate career tracks - Supervisory & Management; Technical Leadership; and Engineering. The latter is organized by division and then by branch.

The tool is easy to navigate with arrows that can expand to display various career paths. Within each career path, specific positions are represented by "bubbles" that can open up and provide job descriptions, a list of recommended training, and possible transitions to other positions, within and outside of that organization. There are also descriptions of each division and branch. Placing your cursor above each bubble allows you to see the expanded label for each one prior to opening it up.

The Career Path tool can be found at:

This is an incredibly useful tool for potential applicants to see how the directorate is organized and where they may best fit.

This tool is dynamic and will be updated periodically, as needed.