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Our technology thrusts help to communicate to ETD stakeholders our vision for strategic capability development. They also delineate areas of work where ETD is a world leader.

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Laser Systems

Spaceflight laser based science (Earth, planetary, astrophysics) instrument  and spacecraft laser/electro-optic components (lasercom, 3D laser imager) development and deployment.

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Detector Systems

Conception, development, and characterization of custom detector systems for sensing the electromagnetic spectrum from millimeter through gamma ray.

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Telescope Lightweight Mirrors
Telescope Systems

Optical systems development and testing for missions in all areas of space and earth science.

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Microwave Sensing

Passive and active microwave instrument technology and system development for earth and space science.

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Miniaturized Instruments

Development and application of miniaturized space flight instrumentation utilizing micro (MEMS) and nano technologies.

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Sensing for Situational Awareness

Software and information management technologies for smart sensing systems and decision support.

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Extreme Environments

Thermal control and space electronics by developing techniques and materials to provide radiation hardening to > 1 Mrad and thermal control for environments with temperatures up to 740 K. Performance when it’s hot, cold, rad, dusty, or high pressure.

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Integrated Avionics
High Performance Space Computing

Development and infusion of high performance spaceflight computing systems with inherent radiation hardness, fault tolerance, and power efficiency to enable improved onboard intelligence for future missions.

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Applied Nanotechnology
Distributed Spacecraft Missions

Application of emerging nanotechnologies to high-payoff areas in spaceflight systems.

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Composite Material Engineering
Composite Material Engineering

Infusion of emerging innovative composite technologies into spaceflight structures for high reliability, cost effective solutions.

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Flight Dynamics/Navigation Image
Planetary Mission Design / Deep Space Navigation

Provide ground and onboard navigation products and services as well as analytical expertise to design and develop innovative flight trajectories for all space flight regimes.

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Communications Image

Engineering development and implementation of communication systems for spacecraft and the support infrastructure.