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Engineering represents just over 40% of Goddard's civil service workforce. To carry out our missions, we recruit from the pool of top engineering students at colleges from across the United States ensuring healthy Intern and Early Career programs. As such, our workforce is representative of the nation-wide diversity that exists in the our technical disciplines. We supplement our employees skills with a broad range of staff training and development. This includes an Advanced Degree Program.

While our organization is made up primarily of engineers, we also have technicians and professional administrative staff as well. Goddard's world-wide reputation for excellence is directly attributable to the high quality of our employees. Goddard's projects depend upon the technical competence and capability of our engineers, and we are the stewards for the engineering technical authority. In addition, the Engineering workforce is the main source for employees migrating into the Center's senior technical and management pipeline.


Tom Flatley
Shannon Rodríguez-Sanabria
Head, Flight and Microwave Communications Systems Branch, Code 567
Shannon Rodríguez is the Branch Head for the Microwave and Telecommunications Systems Branch at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), where she has managerial, supervisory, leadership and technical authority duties.  Read Full Biography

Tom Flatley
Beverly Settles
Associate Chief, Electrical Engineering Division, Code 560
Beverly became the Associate Chief for the Electrical Engineering Division in November of 2015.  In this role she serves as the Division Champion for the GEDI, TIRS 2, LRalph and WFIRST projects, working to address issues and concerns that could impact project cost and schedule. Read Full Biography

Myron Bradshaw
Myron Bradshaw
Head, Ground Software Systems Branch, Code 583
As the Head of the Ground Software Systems Branch, Myron is responsible for planning, implementing, directing and coordinating the development of operational mission data systems to satisfy ground system requirements in the support of both Earth and Space science missions. Read Full Biography

Kusum Sahu
Kusum Sahu
Head, Parts, Packaging and Assembly Technologies Office, Code 562

Dr. Kusum Sahu has been working at Goddard Space Flight Center since 1982 and is currently the Head for the Parts, Packaging and Assembly Technologies Office. In her current position, she has provides excellent leadership in selection, qualification, and screening and failure analysis of EEE parts for space flight applications. Read Full Biography

Tom Flatley
Tim Trenkle
Senior Engineer, Engineering and Technology Division, Code 500
As the Senior Engineer for the Engineering and Technology Directorate (ETD), Tim is responsible for providing senior engineering expertise, leading and/or supporting independent technical reviews, troubleshooting issues, developing standards, and providing expert guidance to support a broad range of GSFC and ETD subsystem, system, and mission commitments. Read Full Biography